Liquid Dependencies

What does a decentralised,
caring society look like?

- 24 October 2021 -

Liquid dependencies: What does a decentralised, caring society look like? Is game dedicated to construct a commons-based society grounded on long-term care relationships.

Liquid dependencies: What does a decentralised, caring society look like? is a Live Action Role-Playing game that works both a life simulation and a collective generative social experiment. The goal of this game is to build a commons-oriented society based on care values through long-term relationships, as response to the challenges of the nuclearized, aging future.

Liquid dependencies: What does a decentralised, caring society look like? Continues the investigation of White Papers on Dissent on the social uses of blockchain. This project comes to practice the multifaceted forms of value that blockchain technology can encompass and helps reveal the political agency of the artistic practices working with the technology. As such, they convey new forms of autonomy and become rehearsals of the not-yet that formulate new meanings of social structures.

Liquid dependencies: What does a decentralised, caring society look like?, the players run into different characters who stumble upon a random series of societal and individual events that represent different decades in the lives of participants. In these circumstances, the players need to establish their safety nets through a diverse set of P2P care relationships. The game is based on the functioning of the Blockchain App, ReUnion Network, which generates long-term P2P care contracts and relationship-driven cryptocurrencies. The intention of this dApp is to help people to organise bottom-up social organisations as their everyday and long-term safety net.


Yin Aiwen is an artist, design theorist and project developer who uses writing, speculative design and time-based art to examine the social impact of planetary communication technologies. She advocates relationship-focused design as a strategy to redesign, re-engineer and reimagine the relationship between technology and society. She has been active in the fields of speculative design, digital art and institutional strategy, and initiates projects across disciplines and fields of operations. She frequently gives lectures, hosts workshops and exhibits her works in internationally renowned institutions and venues in the field of art and beyond. She initiated ReUnion in 2017 and has been developing it since then.

Liquid Dependencies Theory is an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to exploring the gray zone between socially-engaged art and social innovation. It is founded by artist and design theorist YIN Aiwen, writer and academia Zoe ZHAO, and educator and community practitioner Yiren ZHAO . Their collaboration began with the LARP game "Liquid Dependencies: What does a decentralized caring society look like?", and subsequently extends into a hybrid practice that leverages the power of art, technology, and social innovation. Their practices depart from the current reality, attempting to use technology as a medium to bring people together for a common-oriented, sustainable society.

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